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  1. Thanks Josh, its a 97 King Quad. The red occurs both sitting still under light to mid throttle, and riding(20-30mph max speed). I shut my garage doors allowing lighting to become dim enough to watch the glow develop, thats when it sits still. -Red can only be seen at night, not hot enough to glow in the daylight. -Allowing the motor to idle cools the exhaust and the red dissipates. -Everything is factory. -Lots of power starts easy I will check the plug and google plug chop as listed in a previous thread. Would you advise richening the mixture via a/f screw? Thanks, Mike
  2. All it takes is wacking your head off the ground so hard you see black specs and stars for a minute.....then most decide to wear them. One thing to not wear a helmet hearding livestock or raking leaves into a wagon, but riding some of the two stroke sport quads without a helmet equates to when not if. Total advocate for freedom of choice though. Wish everyone a perfectly shiny helmet at the end of your ride, or perfectly wind blown hair hehe.
  3. Hey guys, Could anyone with a king quad 300 verify whether or not the exhaust header pipe becoming cherry red 1" to 2" from the cylinder is normal while holding mid throttle position? Temperature will drop and redness disipates upon returning to idle for about 1 min. -Only noticable at night -Cleaned all vent tubes -carb is rebuilt, set to factory except the needle is raised one position(lowered the eclip on slot), needle adjustment resolved missing and popping -pump is good -no vac leaks -Sprayed carb cleaner around everything, no stumble Thanks Everyone! Great Forum! Great People! -

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