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  1. Hello have you checked if it has spark at spark plug when you try to start quad let me know what happens? thanks,Juan
  2. Hello thank you very much for your help changed out stator,kill switch,wiring harness,same problem, so then i started thinking about what you said about primary & secondary ignition so then I started reading the repair manual under ignition coil the coil was the first thing I changed before asking for help thru forum thanks to your suggestion about primary & secondary ignition I found out repair manual says "DO NOT SUBSTITUE COIL" which I put on a hot universal coil found out it didn't work the hard way long story short got a oem coil & it fired right up perfectly atlease I now I have extra parts lol. Thank again because without your help I would have never figured it out.
  3. Hello everybody I have a problem with my Suzuki LTF500F 4x4 quad it was running & it just shut off now I start it & when I let off the start button it dies does anybody know why my quad will only fire when I have the start button pushed it stays on & when I let go it turns off it only stays on as long as I hold start button?

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