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  1. after looking do i have to pull the whole side of the trans off to get to the switch dirt demon is talkinf about thats the way it looks there is a electric type plug down low on the house in fact it on the right side of the oil fill
  2. after looking at the wireing harness post wounder what the chance of a couple diode when out ? i will pull the switch and look at it first i feel it has almost got to be electrical
  3. well i looked for that switch but it was not on the shifter linkage any ideas were to look it does not do it in low range and you have to go thru high to get into low its got me puzzled
  4. my 07 wont run with out cutting out till i hit the override in high. it does not do it in low HELP please its like it in reverse the battery was dead charged it up and now it is doing this did not do it when i parked it in november?????

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