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  1. I did check ebay, I found 1 for sale for 400.00 buy it now price, I'm thinking about it because I found a wolverine I want to buy but I don't want full time 4 wheel, I found a mint one with low hours but the cost of the atv and the warn unit at 400.00 I might be better off looking for a differant model, I have a warrior now that I like which is why I want a wolverine, I could buy a newer one but not sure if I want a automatic, it takes some of the fun out of it. Todd S.
  2. i found out warn stoped making the 4 wheel drive to part time 4 wheel kit for the wolverine ,any idea's where else the kit might be available ?, thanks, nybronc
  3. OK, thanks, you hear differant stories and don't know which one to beleive, I also have a freind who has a Honda , he does move his shifter then moves the reverse lever, anyway thanks for the reply.
  4. its a 2000 warrior, I've been told it should be in second gear before its put in reverse
  5. I know how to put the shifter in reverse but I've been told it should be in second gear before you put it in reverse, ever hear of this ?
  6. whats the proper way to put a 350 warrior into reverse ?

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