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  1. Or maybe do you think that it has a wasted spark setup and sparks during compresion and exhaust.... Any help is appreciated!!!!!!
  2. Hey thanks guy, yea I know how to time it mechanically it just that when I got it the motor was in two pieces, so the crankshaft spins twice as fast as the camshaft since it is a four stroke, what I'm saying is I think it's possible to time it correctly mechanically but still have the ignition off, since when I got it the head was in a box, with a bunch of other parts..... So is there anyway of making sure it's on the compresion stroke when it sparks.....
  3. That's what I was thinking thanks man.... Also is there anyway to know if I have the timing set correctly I want it to spark after the compression stroke, not exhaust.... Keep in mind that it's a four stroke
  4. Ok so I got a great deal on a 230s apperently the motor was rebuilt but the guy didn't know how to put it back together.... Well the top end at least.... So I bought the book for it at the Suzuki dealership..... Now the bike has no airbox and no muffler, open carb and header, here's my problem, It has compression, it has spark, I timed it up twice, each time spinning the motor 360* cause it's a four stroke and I was trying to make sure that it was sparking during compression and not exhaust... Anyway there is fuel on the plug, if I hold the plug to the casing while it's unscrewed it sparks.... But it refuses to catch, the most I get is a backfire out the exhaust... In an act of desperation I towed it with a car while it was in gear to try and get it started.... The headers glowed red hot, but it would die out imeadiatly...... Any replies would be greatly appreciated.... Oh and I also sprayed starting fluid in it to try and make it catch and nothing....

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