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  2. Thats kinda what I was thinking, how about that tube sticking up? should I do something about it? And is it possible to take the carb off without removing the gas tank?
  3. I bought our son his first quad last week, we took it out today, rode for almost 2 hours no problem. We stopped at an overlook area and when we went to leave his bike wouldn't start. He was parked on a pretty steep incline, so we coasted it to a flatter area. Still nothing. looked around for a bit, tried a few mins later and it was fine... Rode another 5 mins and it just cut out, let sit for 5 and would start back up, did this maybe 3 more times and finally I got to tow strap and pulled him out. Got back home to untrailer it and it started just fine. I checked the plug, looked clean, checked the gap, made a small adjustment. Plenty of oil, coolant and fuel. I did run it out of fuel before this trip and had to switch to the reserve... I took the fuel filter out and blow trough it both ways. I drove it up and down the street and seams to run great... We are planning on taking a long trip in the morning, but dont want this happening again... I was looking at the carb and it raised a question for me. On the left side on the carb, near the top, by the CKG stamp is a nipple, looks like a hose should be attached there...there isnt. what goes there and could dust be getting in there and causing the stall? Like I said, I ran it up and down the street since I have been home, and it seams fine now, but then again it seamed fine for the first 2 hours we were out today too. Thanks for any ideas!!

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