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  1. rendlish

    400ex crash 1

    Thanks, yea I'm real happy with the camera for sure.
  2. rendlish

    400ex crash 3

    haha yes it for sure was. I saw dollar signs with every bounce it took.
  3. were you ever able to get that wrist pin out?
  4. I normally run 93 octane with my 416 but a few weeks ago I had to borrow some gas from a buddy and it was 89 oct. .. and it still seemed to run fine.
  5. My Grandparents bought me a brand new 1985 ATC 70 for Christmas back in 85' and I still have it to this very day. Been hooked ever since.
  6. If it ran out of oil, then I would just plan on rebuilding the entire engine from top to bottom because more than likely, if it locked up, everything inside is pretty much cooked but you really wont know till you start tearing it down. If the rest of the quad looks decent... then it doesnt sound like a bad deal .. because even if you have to dump $700 or so into a rebuild... when its all said and done you will only have $1000 into a strong running quad. I picked my 400 up really cheap.. and rebuilt it.. I put a 416 kit in it with a stage 2 hotcam and it totally rips... If you do the rebuild correctly, you can have a great running quad for a fraction of the cost of a new one.. but it all depends on how much you want to get into this project. It can be super frustrating and time consuming but when its all said and done.. I think its worth it.

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