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  1. How do you do a compression test. I know it's turning over because if I take out the spark plug and put my hand above the hole I feel blasts of air
  2. so to fix it there is no way around taking apart the engine cause it is on amazing fourwheeler it is so smooth i hate to ruin the engine on such an amazing fourwheeler
  3. i dont know whats wrongs with it a guy that comes over when he hears us over at our garage came over and took a look at it he said it was probly electronics.
  4. i have a 1998 artic cat 250cc 2x4 and i was driving it and i flew through a puddle and it shutdown i got it to turn over but it was struggling even though it had a fully charged battery i waited a few seconds and tried again and it started right up i realized something was wrong so i went as fast as i could trying to get as close back to the garage as possible because i was afraid if it stalled again it would not start i was approximately 3-5 miles through rough curving bumpy trail i was driving fast i got probably about 1/4 mile before it stalled and the fourwheeler just locked up and skidded i tried starting it again same thing after it first staled i repeatedly tried but nothing would happen i pushed it a ways then tried it again but the starter was spinning nothing was grinding or anything but the engine clearly was turning of the engine right i pushed it a ways got anothing fourwheeler and at one point in towing it swayed out to the side hit a tree and rolled no damage i got it back to my garage. its been two days since then i tried starting it still did nothing so i tried the pull start no compression what so ever i took out the spark plug and put it back in and it felt the same pulling it wether the plug was in or out. it isnt even hard to pull if the decompression switch isnt flipped. my dad just put 2,000 into it getting the electronics replaced so i am hoping to get this fixed without him having to pay more for my mistakes this also isnt even the first time i have got soaked riding it

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