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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll have to check that. I'll probably be checking the compression in a day or two when I get time.
  2. Thanks for your reply. The piston and rings are a year old, but I'll have to do a compression test to check it. Can the CDI go slowly like that? Most people say they just go all of a sudden with no warning. I would hate to buy one and it's still good. Thanks again.
  3. :aargh:I have a 1988 350 Warrior that is not running right. It runs okay for about 15 minutes, but once it heats up, it spits and sputters and losses power. The exhaust gets louder when I lose the power. It has an HMF exhaust. I have tried two different carbs and have adjusted them both and I still get the same thing. No matter how I adjust the carb, it doesn't change. The parking brake is disconnected and all wires are out. I have checked the stator and pick-up and source coil, and they are fine. Stator is only 2 months old. Checked valves and they are okay. Have checked the harness and can't find any cut wires. The timing is good. The air filter is clean, and I have also tried running it with the air filter cover off, and there is no change. I have tried taking the exhaust off and there is no change. Sorry for the long story, but I'am trying to list everything I did to help you figure something out. I just don't know where to go from here and am hoping someone can help me with this. Thanks for any help given.

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