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  1. Demon, the injection hose dry rotted or melted...so i guess its safe to say we were a little lean Did some damage and are in the process of a rebuild again thanks for the info, I would have never thought to look in that area
  2. Thanks for the info. I will try it out. Once it warms ups its definately is not idling right
  3. I have had zero problems until 2 weeks ago. It starts and you can go 10-15mins. When it starts to heat up it will bog down, the more gas you give it to keep it running it will actually stall right out. The recoil seizes up. Once it cools you can restart it. I thought it was the gas so I put in Stabil but of course that didn't work. Im no mechanic but I noticed the fan not running, is that normal or does it only kick on when it gets hot? Could that be the problem. Please help, its making me crazy

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