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  2. It's a 750 AXI I have a manual and put the check vale in the correct way. I will check it again to make sure. I rode it this weekend and it didn't miss a beat. I also checked the fuel cap to see if it was still letting of pressure and I couldn't hear it this time. Damn this thing is driving me crazy.
  3. Yes it started back up. I road it the next day and every time I stopped I releaved the pressure and it ran good. It dies when i'm running. It will run good and then just die like you turned off the key. I was wondering if the fuel shut off gets hot and shuts it off? Thanks for the help.
  4. Well I had the chance to take the Quad out for a ride. 50 miles into the ride it did it again. This time I checked to see if the fuel pump was running. I could hear it. then I tapped on the fuel shut off to see if that helped. It' didn't. Then I took off the gas cap and I could hear it releave some pressure. My wifes quad would not make a sound when I took the cap off her's. Could that be my problem? A clogged check valve. I blew through it when I had it apart and it would let air pass through it. Damn this is pissing me off.
  5. Will do. I have some business to take care of for the next couple of weeks then I will get a chance to get out and see how she runs.
  6. Ok I pulled the fuel tank yesterday and found some water, oil, dirt, and a few small pieces of paper . The only filter was on bottom of the fuel pump. I cleaned it out as best I could and put everything back together. I guess I will try it again and see what happens. If I do have the problems I will do as you suggested. Thanks for the help.
  7. The only filter that I can find on the parts breakdown is a screen on the fuel pump. I just need to find the time and tear the fuel tank out.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I always use 92 octane gas from a clean container. I Snowmobile during the winter and quad during the summer. They get used a lot. I was planing on pulling the tank and checking out the fuel pump. I will look at the fuel when I drain it. I can't remember if the fuel pump was running or not when it would stall. I have never ran it under 3/4 of a tank and it would still act up. Is there a fuel filter to look at? Also is there any way to check out the fuel pump when I have it removed? Thanks for the help Guys.
  9. Hello, First time poster. What a great site. My question is: My 08 King Quad keeps stalling on me. When it stalls I can wait a few minutes and it will start up and ride for a 1/4 mile then stalls again. Wait a few minuets and it will run a 1/4 mile then stall. I took off the air cleaner and it didn't make any difference. if I let it sit for a few hours it will run great. It has 1100 miles on it. This weekend we went for a 50 mile ride and it ran great untill the last few miles. Then it started to stall again. It's driving me crazy. For the record I know nothin about these quads. Any Idea what is wrong with it? It seams that it runs better with a full tank of gas. Thanks for any Info.

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