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  2. I took it to a different dealer to check out the power steering, the noise after let up on throttle when warmed up, and to check the front wheel alignment. I thought there may be something wrong with the power steering, I happened to drive it slowly on pavement in four wheel drive and noticed that it steered much hardered than my wife's Honda Rancher with power steering. So I drove my son's Kingquad 700 without PS and it was about the same or a little easier, (it has Big Horn Radials). After requesting to compare my King against a showroom King with PS, I was amazed that it was about the same as mine, but I felt better knowing nothing was wrong. Suzuki PS has little effect on PS compared to Polaris, or Honda at slow speeds in FWD, I don't know about other mfg.. It took two weeks to do this as they took PS volage readings and sent them to the Rep. for evaluation, his replywas it was within tolorance. They did not check the front wheel alignment or verify any noise as they could only drive the machine on their lot. So if anyone needs PS I would recommend that they compare several brands to fit their needs. I still like my 750 King Quad as it runs and handles good, but somewhat dissapointed with the noise and PS.
  3. I had the dealer check it and they said they could not duplicate the noise. Colorado Power Sports in Denver just wants to sell them. I still have the noise and I called Suzuki customer service. They said i should take it to a different dealer, and they started a file on it . So we will see as this progress goes on.
  4. Just bought a 09 750 King Quad , rode it last week and has less than 200 miles. I have the exact same noise and symptons. My son has 2 05 700 and his does not have the gear backlash that mine has .Could this be part of the Advanced engine braking system? Have you found any resolution yet. I am going to talk to the service dept. about this, but do not epect much.

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