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  1. I love the raptor....it will ride a wheelie for ever if you no what your doing on it.......and it is still stock, mods will happen though after another deployment.....and this site is one of the best if anyone cares
  2. no bully dog...all i have performance wise is a magna flow exhaust for a price I couldnt pass up...waiting to do deletes and stuff later
  3. its got lots of room, a nice cummins...and was a baby when I got it....built it to the truck it is today.....and once again it has a cummins......and it pulls my 29ft toyhauler like it like a dream......oh and did i mention i love the cummins motor.....
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    Thanks for all the compliments, I think that I need to update my photo though...still have the same two quads.....different truck though......stayed true to dodge though that s all that counts....
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  6. That is a good way of putting it avidrider, that is why i think i have the best of both worlds...love the overall power of the raptor in the dunes....love the way the 450 handles everywhere else.....
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  8. I do agree that the rider has alot to do with it....I must also say that by the time I am done with my 450 it will smoke the crap out of my raptor....mainly because I'm going to fix the 450 up first, it is alot cheaper and I ride more woods/track then I get to ride dunes, I'm still sticking with you can't go wrong with either quad......
  9. this is my first post and i might hurt someones feelings....but first i want to know how you can even compare the two...i have both...i use the raptor for the dunes as it pulls like a damn beast...the 450 is for the track/trails.....they are both great quads and cantgo wrong...as for the 700xx..i have seen one, and i had my 450 it was in the woods...and the 700xx couldnt hang for sh&&*....but then again i dont see how that is good for the woods....not to sure on that quad...on a straight away that thing is fast...im not to sure if it could beat my raptor stock for stock....i know that he didnt beat my 450...so not to sure what else to say

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