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  1. im thinking maybe timing's off, its been popping when i try to start it. Would i be able to take off the crankcase or watever its called to get to the flywheel without the crankshaft falling out?
  2. when i took the carb to yamaha dealer they said it was fine. i got compression, spark, and fuel. like you said its probly dowel pin, flywheel key or timing i dont know ill have to check em out thanks and ill keep posted whats going on with it.
  3. i took the carb to a yamaha dealer earlier and they said that there was nothing wrong with it. maybe need a hotter spark plug or maybe it is timing but when i try to start it, it don't backfire or anything but the electric start works, i dont know!
  4. i checked it has good compression, good spark i was told i either need carb rebuilt or new timing chain. anyone know how i could tell which i need fixed?

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