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  2. I have an automatic Trans. I took the carb apart again because it was leaking from the bottom overflow again. I pulled the tab up a bit that holds the pin with the rubber tip that controlls the gas flow from the float. I must have cleaned it 10 times added a fuel filter and it always leaked...I wonder if the dealer sent me the wrong needle when i purchased the carb tune up kit? I have to check the bike again in while to see if its leaking again, hopefully bending that tab slightly did the trick! I agree with dirtdemon about the pilot screw the only thing is its such a pain to turn since the starter is to close to the bottom. I appreciate all the coments and help from you guys I'll keep you posted
  3. Originally I thought the leaking from the bottom of the carb was due to a float problem..I took it apart to clean it....degreased blew everything out with compressed air, assembled it and it started up very quickly, but when I put in in gear it would gargle and wouldn't go past 5 mph. Idled great, revved nicely but only in neutral. Someone suggested I get a carb tuneup kit and thats what I did. the float has no holes, the pin is fine, the needle was replaced and works fine, all the jets inside were cleaned and blown out several times. I was told that all three jets inside has no settings, just screw them hand tight.The diagram and venturi where fine the pin wasn't bent or damaged. the only jet that needs to be adjusted is the one under the carb, a mechanic at an Arctic Cat dealer told me to turn it all the way down and turn it back out 1 and 3/4 and I should be golden...well cleaned the carb again..no there was no dirt in it(installed an in line fuel filter last week) put it back together it started right up, idled great, revved up fine then once again started to gargle when I attempted to ride. I give up! the only thing I can think of is when I had it apart the first time i may have lost an o ring or a small washer from the inside of the carb.....I guess i have to take it to a dealer.. I don't know what else to do!
  4. My bike was running fine until the float got stuck and was leaking fuel. I took the carb appart cleaned it and it has never run the same. i tried to fix it with a tune up kit. The bike runs, but when i give it gas it gargles like its getting to much gas... can anyone help me out!

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