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  1. I love this quad it really has some power for a 230cc motor and the gearing is amazing in first gear i can litterly crawl any thing. I have the 250 front tires and rear tires so i have alot more clearance and traction. On friday i crossed a fairly good size river just left it in first gear and the thing putted through. This easily was the best 440$ i have ever spent!!!.
  2. Well i managed to get my quad running properly and dirtdevil ide like to thank you for making sure i didnt buy the cdi box be for i went over the little things. it happened to be a little set screw that is on the carb that drains the float bowl it happened to keep backing off due to the shaking of the quad on the trails. i hope that this was all the issue was but it ran fine all day after adjusting so ill keep you all updated!!.
  3. yes it is for your oil mine is for the trans and motor make sure to fill it b4 you ride it
  4. is there a online manual that i can use for my quad?
  5. I only what to know the CDI so that if it isnt the little posiable isues that i could just order one if i needed. where can i get one of the repair manuals?
  6. i found mine stuck by the front right A-arm under the frame it was a thin silver pice of tin or sticker
  7. Hey there I want to apologize because of my laziness and stupidity I have just realized that my quad still had the info sticker on it. It is an 1992 made in December Lt-230E. My next question would be what kinda CDI unit do I need?
  8. i was just getting the info from the guy i bought it off of so i threw a couple more pictures up in my profile to see if that will helps im going to check the little label on the bike that says but i dont think it has all the info how many came with electric and pull start and semi auto trans and reverse
  9. hey there i have a 1992 LT-230E and i need to know what kind of CDI box model that i need or if there is any different ones that i can use like after market or different years:confused:If any info let me know
  10. What should I be running for good compression and for fair compression?
  11. Hey there i have 1994 suzuki 230 or 250 im not sure what one it has no plastics at all as you can see in my display picture a pull start and is semi auto and is not 4x4 the guys at the store said it was a 250 but it looks nothing like the ones i seen on google could you help me figure out what one i own. also i am having issues with it some times i run it for a bit and it begins to bog and sounds like it is missing and other times it runs fine. if i baby it i can run it all day but if i push it and not to hard but giving it a good run or top out 5th gear for 5mins it beguins to do the same but after letting it sit for 5-10 mins it will bog out or start fine. any one with any info to this i would love to know what you think i havent the slitest clue and im to go riding this friday!!!![/size][/size]

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