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  2. I have a 97" polaris sportsman 500 and the 4 wheel drive wont work, it just didnt work one day. I dont know when or why it went out. It has a 4 wheel drive button on the handle bars and it is on and i have turned it on and off but no go............ any thoughts or ideas, please help. I need it for sat. i will never get out on this small lake for ice fishing with out my wheeler, thanks in advance jamie.
  3. Thanks everyone it was the fly wheel key, runs great again. now just need some mud or snow
  4. i am trying to get a manual, and then we will look into the timing and the other things, thank you all for your help, jamie
  5. I was told that there is no way that it could have jumped timing being that it was running fine then 5 min later it wasnt but i will look into that and the other stuff you said, thank you, jamie
  6. ok i will look into that, thanks jamie, any other thoughts please let me know.
  7. The first thing i did was drain the fuel and put in new gas and put new plug in, there is nothing wrong with the battery and i have tried just about everything. No i didnt put a carb kit in. ????
  8. it ran great, we were going ice fishing and we took it off the trailer and he took it down the road for a quick ride came back turned it off and then we loaded the ice shack up and went to start it up and it wouldnt start, just back fire ???
  9. I have a 1997 500 polaris sportsman and it wont start, started it up and drove it for 2 min and turned it off and went to start it again and nothing but back fire, cleaned the carb out good and it has comprestion and spark, drained the gas and put in fresh stuff and tried it again still just turned over and back fired, can any one help with this ????

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