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  2. I will try that and see what happens then. I was thinking perhaps maybe jumped timing or something along that line. Thanks
  3. Yes all the fuses are fine. And went through the whole wiring harness to check to see if any wires might have gotten burnt in half, etc.
  4. I have a 1999 arctic cat 500 4x4. We was riding and the radiator fan fuse popped and burnt the wires. So i pulled it back home and replaced the fuse and fixed the wires on it. Now it will not start but the spark plug fires. So i thought perhaps a wire got burnt in half. So i went through all the wires and all of them checked out good. Still couldn't get it to crank. So i hooked a rope up to it and pulled it and put it in gear and it fired up. But soon as you stopped pulling it the 4-wheeler would shut off again. So i tried to see if you could test the CDI and voltage regulator but i couldn't find any info on that. Anyone have any info on what they think it could be or how to check those two boxes? As i am running out of options here and still can not get it to crank and run.

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