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  1. thanks for all the advice for sure. I remember what it used to be like stuck hours away from good riding. now I have a 117 acres kf backyard to rip around on with all the friends and there quads and Jeeps. gets boring after awhile so were always looking for new placea to ride. if u ever wanna take a road trip feel free to come on down for a day or 2 the more the [email protected]!
  2. yeah just checked the voltage and its deffinetly a switch problem, never been out to wellsville riding but we have all actually planning a trip out that way soon. we just did mines and meadows 2 weeks ago and spent last weekend at Hatfield mcoy in west Virginia.
  3. I jumped the starter T the selinoid and it was cranking strong as could be. I'm starting to maybe lean towards a bad switch. I just got done doing valve clearances so. hopefully it will fire once I get the starter issue worked out. this whole big bore build has been a bit of a nightmare since day one. thanks for the help for sure keep the ideas rolling I am deffinetly not to proud to ask for help. please excuse my spelling and grammar doin this all from my Droid not my computer.
  4. have a heavy modded 04 z400. just put a new battery in, turned the key on and the lights came on and then hit the start button. nothing and I mean nothing happens when I hit the start button. no clicking not starter motor nothing. any help suggestiins fixes would be greatly appreciated.

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