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  1. hi i have fmf on my 400ex and it sounds very well. dont tink dere is much between dem power wise
  2. its a wee small pin like thing that sits jst under cam, sproket side. tink it has sum ting to do with the decompressor on the cam shaft. it must have fallen out wen i took head off and i only noticed it wen i read forums saying tings bout the plunger and spring, so wen i investigated i found where it went so happy out. took it out yesterday and itz mighty now.
  3. got my quad going. turned out to be that plunger and spring i forgot to put back on. happy out
  4. hey guys. do i need to use plunger and spring when i put my head back together? cud this be the cause of my trx not starting? timing marks all line up and it tries its hardest to start but jst wont ignite. plz help itz driving me up the wall. cheers.......
  5. hi im having problems starting my trx 400. i replaced the valve seals and put it back together timing marks right but it refuses to start. it tries but jst wont fire. any help would be great. thanks

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