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  1. I just got my 00 400ex and I want to change the oil in it just to be on the safe side.. I found that there is 2 drain plugs one on the motor and one on the oil tank... But I can't figure out how to refill them? Is there 2 fill holes?
  2. I was wondering if i need to collapse the timing chain tensioner, and if so how do i do this, i am trying to put my 00 400 ex back together after installing a new piston?
  3. I was wondering how you line up the timing marks on a 2000 400 ex does the mark on the cam gear point up or down or straight across
  4. That dont sound to bad thanks man
  5. Ok thanks for the info man, are there any weakpoints or common problems to look for with an ex?
  6. First off im new here so hello to everybody, second a friend of mine has a 2000 400 ex that i am thinking about getting, and it was smoking really bad so we tore it down and the cylinder looked fine but the exhaust valv:huh:e had about a 1/8 inch of something that looked like carbon buildup but was white on it, could this be from burning oil , do u think it needs valve seats or seals or maybe just a set of rings, it runs fine just smokes and uses about a quart of oil in 8 hrs, thanks guys

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