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  1. I bought this ,it had very low compression .put new cyl & piston on it. it runs for a little while ,then seems to run out of fuel it does'nt really back fire,just slows then quits I checked for fire it has fire after it quits.polaris mechanic told me it should jump 5mm which it did when i checked it cold, but is pretty much orange replaced cdi box,bought stator but was not the right one.checked & cleaned carb.It has electric chock not sure how to check it.Could it have anything to do with throddle safety switch? Exhaust clogged,or fuel tank clogged .Cover over fan is missing on rt side I thought it might be getting hot,but it does,nt run long before it quits running.Im getting fan cover for sure.I did not replace coil yet but will.Starter is junk & battery is dead . not sure if that has anything to do with I dont seem to think it should. HELP

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