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  1. Thanx Quadmaniac. I'll enter this one then.Gary
  2. Hi Keywil from a fellow Canadian and moose hunter. I'm in Penticton B.C.. Good to see you here. I'm a newbie to this site too and the help i've received from the members on this site since i joined back in October is awesome and priceless. I'm sure you'll find whatever you're looking for right here. Gary
  3. I call my entry "Disney on Ice." It looks like my quad has eyeballs like they would have in a Disney cartoon. Gary
  4. Thanx Bioware. I've checked Ebay. There's a few on there but i will probably just step up and go buy a new pair here. What i hate about Ebay is how an item costs more to ship than the actual price of what it's worth. I've seen small items on there going for $10.00 but they charge you $25.00 for shipping it. In some cases, they wont tell you how much the shipping is and when you win or buy the item, then they give you a ridiculous price for shipping to bleed as much money out of you as they can. Now i ask them how much to ship it before i bid or buy.
  5. I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I tried using the classifieds but i live in Canada and didn't get an option for B.C.. Anyhow, i have Ignition hand warmers on my ATV. The left grip is fried so i'm wondering if anyone out there has a used pair of hand warmers they want to sell me or a single Ignition hand warmer grip to replace the fried one if they have one laying around that they have no use for anymore? I trust the mods can relocate my thread if i am in the wrong place for posting this. Thanx. Gary
  6. That's cool Raptor. I see they have quite a few parts on Ebay for my make if there's something in particular your friend is looking for but i will keep it in mind when the time comes for your friend. My hunting buddy has an 1982 ATC Honda and he can't find parts for it. I told him to go on Ebay and there were tons of parts for his bike. Mostly used parts though as they don't make them trikes anymore but the people selling the parts obviously can't be bothered fixing theirs up for lack of parts either so they just sell the bikes in bits and pieces. Gary

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