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Hey All! New from Canada

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Hey all, I'm new here from Ottawa Ontario. I have a 2009 550 Grizzly for hunting and funning. In the last year I've acquired an older Yamaha 225 Moto-4 for the wife and 2 Arctic Cat youth's (2005 - 50 and 2004 - 90 cc) for my daughters.

I've just started looking around to try and find places to ride - especially for families. Are there many ATV families out there?

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You'll find some folks, don't worry! WELCOME here!

I have several Canadian friends but they're all up BC way...

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Thanks for the welcome guys.

Polaris - thanks for the round eh! Where's Belle River?

I've been using ATV's for some time for moose and bird hunting. Recently in the past three years or so I have been introducing my daughters to hunting (grouse) and we just have a blast on the bike. Recently my brother gave me his old ATV (the one I moose hunted with for years - Kate is its name) for the wife and I got a good deal on a couple of youth ATV's for the girls. I got a trailer for the 4 bikes and now we're all set... just need some time... lol

We've done a bit of ATV'ing in a public forest south of Ottawa and will continue to explore other public access areas. I'll try to blog and post pics as we explore. May end up joining a local club here in Ontario or in Quebec. More investigation required... Merry Christmas folks.

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It's great to hear about a family getting into a few differant sports like you and yours. WoW four bikes and girls, damn you must have your hands full! lol

Belle River is in the armpit of Ontario right near Windsor.

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Hi Keywil from a fellow Canadian and moose hunter. I'm in Penticton B.C.. Good to see you here. I'm a newbie to this site too and the help i've received from the members on this site since i joined back in October is awesome and priceless. I'm sure you'll find whatever you're looking for right here.


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