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  2. The FREE ones Had a guy give me a plow from his Cub Cadet tractor I welded up a mounting bracket while it was snowing This was my first time using a quad and had a blast, even made some money:wink:
  3. Did some plowing the past couple of days for the first time with a quad and had a blast, even made some money:biggrin:
  4. Did you get a shot??? the shots helped me for about 4-5 months each time then I said [email protected]#$ it and had the operation. Going on 4yrs now so far so good
  5. that sounds better then im doing now. he said at about 2/3 weeks then i will be starting some in home PT then 4/6 weeks i will be able to drive to PT a good female friend of mine had it done and it took her about an year, then she could ride a jet ski again
  6. not shur when yet, still need to have some tests done first riding not soon enuff 2011 is going to suk as far as riding and boating go's everyone tells me not to rush it or i will be Sorry
  7. sorry to here that. Hows your back now??? how long did it take befor you could ride again???? there talking 3 rods and 8 screws then fuse it all together
  8. been thur the epideral shots 2 times been putting it off, trying the pain pill thing and therapy thing now. still cant stupe down or walk for 5/10min. with out pain and numming took some meds last Sat. and went for a 30mi ride and had a great time, then had to stay in bed the next day and that suks they did say there are other ways of gooing but this is the best way to go with best out come. I should still be able to ride and play with my speed boat.
  9. got a 3rd one tonight, a friend of a friends dad is a surgeon and looked at the MRI . he said thats what he would do aswell. He knows my doc and he said he would let he do it to him, that he is very good 100% covered:)
  10. Thanks everyone I just got my second opinion same thing They want to put these little jacks between the vertebrae and jack them back up then put some plates and screws in to hold in place then fus. it together they will be doing L1,2,3
  11. I would just replace the switch if it is bad the fan comes on when the oil temp hits 235/ 240deg
  12. Went to the Doc. today and he told me i have do deal with the pain or have my bottom 3 disks welded together. Has anyone had this done?????

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