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  2. Getting it narrowed down I think Looks like it might be the starting motor...that which engages the the starter itself with the battery lead on it (it has the geared shaft that engages the gear of the starter). Hooked direct from battery...nothing. Took it out and hooked up again...nothing. Gonna take it in have checked out, hope for a rebuild. Anyone know if this can be done??...the starting motor,not the starter.
  3. Hooked up a car battery and still nothing except the clicking in the starter relay Did a by-pass of the relay (screwdriver method) and all I got were sparks, no turn of the starter Thinking seized starter?
  4. got the carb back and seems to be running quite a bit better (had to hand pull). Hit the start button and nothing. Winch works ok but headlight is dim. Took battery in for load test, said it needed a charge but showed 100 cca (160 when new). Wouldn't this be enough to get at least a roll or a "click" out of it? While the carb was out for service I cleaned up some of of the connections ( coil, starter relay, battery leads) and put a thin coat of dilectric grease on them.BTW...it did roll over before taking carb out and cleaning the connections...Thanks
  5. Bear with me as I am at my wits end with this thing and about ready to seek therapy 96 Kodiak 400...owned 3 years Recently took carb in to have checked and cleaned as it was starting to idle rough til warm. Noticed that there was no gasket between carb and intake, just an O-ring;is this right? Also, is there no fuel filter on these machines? Waiting on carb to come back. Now the starting...Since I've owned this beast, it has rarely started (electrically) when temps get below 30* or so. Roll it, roll it, roll it...choke/no choke...etc,etc....nothing... Has new stator, newer battery (160 cca) and seems to have plenty of spark and have gone through all my connections. But as soon as I reach down and pull the cord...1 pull....VROOOOOM! What gives? I have heard that more fuel goes into the carb when using elec. start than when you pull it, but it has never flooded so don't know if I buy this one or not. So help please?...and maybe I won't need the couch Thanx...nscrfrk

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