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  2. thanks for the suggestions, i dont think its rings because its not coming from the crank case, it is coming from the frame. the frame also acts as a oil case for diff. parts of the motor.
  3. I have an 03 cannondale cannible. I picked it up at an auction not running. I have replaced the injectors, fuelpump, fuel filters, fuel reg. and have had the ecu tested. I can only get it to start once in a while and only if i put a fresh plug in. When it runs it pushes oil through the breather tube that runs from the frame to the air box. Could it need a valve adj. and if so, how do you do it. Or does anyone else have any suggestions to try.
  4. Try BlackWidow atv.com. I have bought some parts from there recently and they seem to be very knowlegeable.

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