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  1. will suzkie 26x10x12 interchange with my 25x8x12 on my grizzly? all i want to do is swap the rims and tires from one bike to the other will i have any problems they are both 4 bolt patterens and 3" from stud to stud
  2. hendersoncm I have not really had a chance to work on it but if you figure yours out before i do if you don't mind let me know what you your problem was. thanks
  3. dirtdemon thats what i was thinking but mine will not turnover with the kill switch off. Any suggestions?
  4. and the belts can harden if they slip or have been wet and got to hot
  5. if your clutches are working proper and the belt is just slipping when you get in the throttle or a hard pull i would say its the belt
  6. will this 4 wheeler motor turn over if the stop switch is in the off position?
  7. dirt demon what i was saying is that i put a coil on my 4 wheeler off 1 that was running but mine still would not start. i had trouble getting it started b4 i unloaded it but i had a spark when i pulled the wire off. when i came back to it from hunting it did not want to start with the electric but it did with the rope so i rode for a while and had no trouble after turning it on and off and it started with the electric, and when i was going back to load up it died and that was it so i went and loaded it on the trailer and took it home. when i got home fire was going trough the batt and cylonoids to the plug on the cdi box on 1 post and also i had fire on a post on the box with fins in front of the cdi box but i could not get any voltage at the coil. thanks for your time i am new at this site so bear with me please.
  8. does that soun like a wire is grounded out,the cdi box or a stator
  9. same one that is running. i only have 1 hot post in the cdi box is that normal?

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