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  1. Thanks again i will give it a try today and repost what i have found..
  2. Thanks for the replies AJMBOY and Dirtdemon,I did not do a actual compression test but what i did is I took the spark plug out and put my finger over the hole and i thought that it would have some sort of suction when I gave the pull cord a tug but there was nothing.We thought about the drive chain but then we thought that I would start anyways if the drive chain was broke.It was bad wheather here for a couple of days with as major snow storm so I will try and take the the crank case covers off and see if it is the drive chain.Thanks again for the info i will post again if anything that you guys have told me to do.Once again thanks for the info this is a great site for help keep it up..
  3. This is my first thread i hope someone can help...I was taking the bike for a ride then all of a sudden it just died on me.I tried to start it back up and it was making a loud clunking noise from the engine but would not start.Got it home and took out the spark plug and put a screw driver in the plug hole to see if the screw driver would move when i pull the pull cord very easyly and it did.So I thought that it would be the piston rings that are gone.Is there anything else that it could be any info would be greatly apprecieated..Thanks..

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