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  2. Thank you man, as for the Dmax i really want a 06-07 2500 4x4 crew cab SHORT bed....but i would take a 08-10 as well. I drove a customers 05 Dmax and loved it even in stock trim.
  3. it could be at your pad ......keeping my fingers crossed this guy comes through this time and then its Duramax time
  4. Well, lets hope this guy doesnt back out of the deal.....quad maybe goin bye bye
  5. Thanks Ajmboy, The buggy is sooooo much fun, for as little time as i put on the quad is a hell of alot of fun too. Insaneatvs is no longer my son wanted to go to the ARMY so i wanted to show him my support and gave him all my time, I kinda want to start it up again but i dont if that makes any sense between my first site and insaneatvs its been 5 years...
  6. I built the quad to be one of the fastest in Tucson who we ride with, when i got it done it rode at the hot well dunes, we unloaded it around 8am and rode to the hill and made about 10-15 passes up the hill raced a few bikes in which i blew away by at least 15 bikes went back to the truck had a few soda's and loaded it up about 2 hours later.Then i turn to the rail and rebuilt it
  7. Thanks guys, I built this Monster and then my wife wanted to get a sandrail so i bought one and have not had any desire to get on the quad, it run great. Here is the new toy we are playin with now
  8. WHO'S the poser? QuadKrazy shut down and redirected all the members to my site...
  9. I went with paddles but never changed them, we didnt have alot of time to play that day. I had to be back for a dinner get togeter for a lady who passed away, we are planning antoher trip with paddles
  10. here is a link we brought out the 545 and no one could even come close...I think the 10 bikes was the best anyone could do and thats with me starting not in gear... Hotwell dunes
  11. It's goin ok we need more activity. I plan on goin to the track and spreading the word more and going to the Dunes when it cools off some

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