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  2. Thanks everybody for the help. I replaced the cdi and it still wouldnt run. So, I went through everything again. Tested the pickup coil and the ohms tested low replaced it again and the fourwheeler started right up runs like a champ. I was told that more then likely the cdi box shorted it out. who knows I am just glad that it works. Thanks again
  3. I have replaced battery, coil,stator,pickup coil, checked timing, talked to yamaha mechanic and he said it sounds like the cdi. He said the problem with electrical is if one part goes bad its a chain reaction because everything else tries to make up for the failing part. I purchased a new cdi, I will let you guys know what happens Thanks for everything
  4. Thanks MIKEL5469. I downloaded one earlier. I noticed when I was testing everything that the plug would have a small spark when I would first hit the start button. I just can figure out why I can pull start it but it wont start using the electric start.
  5. You can also check locomx.com they have some pretty good deals
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have checked the timing it is right on. As for the valves I have not checked. The funny thing is it ran fine 4 days ago then the stator went out I replaced the stator. So I checked for spark and when I used the electric start it was random when I would get spark. One time I would get spark the next nothing. So I tried pull starting it and it started right up but now it has a backfire out the tailpipe none stop. The stator is good because it has a bright blue spark and the spark will jump a 1/2 inch to ground out. This is just so frustrating I just want to RIDE!!!:aargh:
  7. hey guys, just put in a new stator on my warrior and now I have no spark at all. Could anyone give me some advise here? I think if I was close to a cliff right now I would push this quad off of it. Thanks in advance. Ok last night I was messing with the wiring and tried to start it and i started getting spark. So i put the plug back in the motor and then nothing. I can pull start it and it will run but it is backfiring like crazy. It ran great until the stator went bad now all these problems. Any advice would be great

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