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  2. I keep the 4wheeler at my cabin so when I get upthere next weekend I will surely check that out. I want to check for dirt in the gas also. Thank you so much for the reply.
  3. Hello again My 2000 quad master isnt a king quad like I wrote earlier. I am sorry for the mistake.
  4. Hello This is my first time in here so here it goes. I have a a problem with my Quad Master 500. It started about 6-8 months ago. It starts up great and idles fine. When I put it in gear it runs great but all of a sudden it starts to jerk and back fire. When I put it in neutral I give it throttle it will rev and die down. It wont shut off it just surges up and down. It will do this for about 20 min. or so. I will shut it off then start it up then it will work fine for along time. Then all of a sudden it will start to jerk and back fire. I put new plug, air filter and fuel cleaner but it still acts up. This has has been a great bike and a good work horse at the cabin. Does anyone please have an thought what it might be or lead me in the right direction. I think it could be in the carb. but not shure. Thank you

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