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  2. Does the ignition coil on a polaris sportsman 200 have to have a 12volt input in order to work proberly? Thanks, norider
  3. I have a polaris sportsman 500 year 2000. While I was running it the manual starter recoil spring broke with a loud bang. After this happened, I cannot get it started. I replace the whole part with the new spring enclosed and the only noticeable damage seemed to be the pulse coil bracket was bent away from the fly wheel. I bent it back and reguaged it. But it still will not start and I have no spark. Could the pulse coil have been damaged? If so, is there a way to check if the pulser is damaged? Has anyone had this happen? Thanks in advance for any help. Norider
  4. oxidized_black Thanks for the info. Took me a while to figure out what you told me to do. Not that difficult but I made it so. Got the manual. Thanks loads. Norider
  5. oxidized_black, Thanks for the reply. I am having a little trouble finding the folder icon. Maybe I am technically obsolete but can you help? norider
  6. My son Has a polaris 500 year 2000. I have done a lot of work to get it running. Running pretty well but seems to lose power and then it becomes ok. I believe the carburater nees to be rebuilt. Found a kit on the internet. Is there anyway to have instructions for removal so it will be easier to remove or do I have to easter egg the removal. I guess short of buying a maintenance manual. Norider
  7. This post was very helpful. Repairing my sons polaris atv sportsman 500. One question I have is where are the magnets which reside on the flywheel? I don't see any. Thanks for a response. norider

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