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  1. i apoligize for taking so long to get back to everyone its just my job has me super busy. the problem turned out to be the cable it turns out that your hand does not have enough power to engage the clutch.
  2. thank you for the help i am going to give that a shot toda. i will let you know how it turns out later
  3. i didnt try the new cable yet cause when i tried to manually move the arm were the cable attaches to it wouldnt engage or does it need the cable to engage it. i just figured if u cant move it by hand then the cable would be able to do anything
  4. im not sure i didnt remove anything from the clutch i just opened it up because when i put the new cable on it wouldnt engage the clutch so i thought there was something wrong with the lifter arm. it seemed as if the lifter arm was in good shape. i dont know if im just reinstalling it wrong.
  5. i have a 2000 honda 400ex i took the right crank case off to look at my clutch and when i went to put it back together i can get the case and the lifter arm to line up and there fore my clutch wont engage is there a trick to this please help!!!
  6. i have a 2000 honda 400 ex and the clutch cable broke the other day when riding i tried to rig something to get me back home and when doing so i believed i disengaged the lifter arm but i tried to turn it clock wise and now the lifter arm will not engage if anybody can help me out with a solution it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. ok i understand what ur saying i thought u were referring to something else at first. thank u for the advise .
  8. i have a 2000 400ex and it has aftermarket oil filter which does have writing it. i dont know about the factory ones though.
  9. yea the filter came with an o-ring but what i was wondering is if were the cover meets the crankcase if there should be a gasket in between that because it seems like the kid i baught it off of used a permatex on it or if it was just my fault when i installed it. i may have damaged the o-ring which could be causing a leak its only when its a cool temp when it is warm it does leak as much
  10. i was wondering if anybody knows if there is a oil filter cover gasket. this is for a 2000 honda 400ex with a big bore kit. the reason i ask is because i changed the oil and filter once i changed the filter and put the cover back on and oil started leaking out around the cover.

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