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  2. BioWare, I'll try your suggestion first. Not sure if this has anything to with it. But I've noticed the fuel 3-way valve doesn't make any difference if it's turn to open or closed. I once forgot to turn it to open but didn't effect the engine.
  3. Thanks. I agree about being a problem in the carburetor. I don't live where it's located is the reason it has no more miles. We're usually there every month and always run it some while there. I've used fuel stabilizer from day one. A temporary fix would be nudge up idle speed but there is no adjustment on the carburetor that I can find. swampcat... you say clean the carburetor. I suppose you mean tearing it down and washing in a cleaner solution?
  4. Bombardier, Trax Max, 2003 Having problem with engine idle. Have to run higher RPM to keep it from dieing. Sometimes after running for half hour or so problem gets better, sometimes it doesn't. It just doesn't seem to be running right at low speeds. Only has 250 miles. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks

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