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  2. I am looking for a parts / service manual for a 250 yamoto atv '05 , need to find out if and what kind of oil seal is behind the starter gear. The stator is getting soaked in oil and burnt out once (no longer aval.) had to rewind the ign.pickup coil myself. Just dont want it to happen again. Any help would be great.
  3. Yes I belive I did it correctly ,the jets that came in the kit were not the right size so i have the origenal jets in. I am not sure about the plastic main nozzle tube thinking it may be cracked? The fuel seams to seap out with the machine not running ,it comes out through the vent hole on the airbox side of the carb and is fine when it is running .Does seam to be running lean maybe float to tight.
  4. An update : I got it to run good at idle and in the mid range pretty good at top end but it seams to run out of gas at top end .I have the float set at aprox. 1/2" and have noticed gas coming out of the (guess its a vent hole) on the air box side of the carb when sitting not running it keeps flowing out of this hole . I have tried different float settings and this problem keeps comimng back. ANY help would be great.....
  5. I have a 95 kodiak 400 it starts and runs at idle and top end but in the mid-range it spits and backfires. I have put a rebuild kit in it and also the diaphram on the side to no avail.Still does the same thing. Am looking for a carb but cant find one. Did find one from a 350 warrior but not sure if it will fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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