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  1. Thats ok........ My daughter's quad is a Scrambler 90cc but she just to big & experienced for that small of a quad. Plus she is too hard on a 2-stroke. So i would like to sell her Scrambler or trade for something bigger. I also have a 90cc Sportsman to sell or trade for her a bigger quad. So if you know of any Please n Thank You let me know.
  2. Oxidized black....... So are you sayn that i should fix the 90cc Polaris for my daughter to race..... The only problem of that is that it doesnt have enough power for her. She is a Good Rider. She rides my 350 and my friends 400ex etc. She needs something bigger & a 4-stroke. She is entirely too hard on a 2-stroke. She likes to ride balls to the walls. She drives it like she stole it.............lol.......
  3. Well, hello to everyone at Quad Crazy............... Its Spangie1076 again. No dont worry i not on here to say that the Raptor quit running again...... It is still runnin just fine..... Thank God. The reason for my forum today is cause I am in need of a quad. Like a Honda 250ex or something similiar to that. It is for my daughter Taryn Joy. She has a 2004 Honda CRF80 dirtbike. Just this summer she has started racing Harescrambles. She really enjoys it but, she would rather race a quad than a bike. And for her saftey so would I. She is only 11 so it makes me nervous with her on a dirtbike. I ha
  4. Well to everyone who gave me advice............ But finally after bout 8 mths of ~I Dont Knows~ it done and over with.... The Raptor is finally on the road again........ Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The funniest part of it all was how i first found out it was running.... My Mechanic/Boyfriend was working on it. "Just imagine my quad was in the house on porch." Which it was, anyways, he was working on it and I fell asleep on the couch. He got it to fire and started it with just the Header Pipe on it less than 2ft away from where I was sleepin. I like to jump straight off the couch. Like What The
  5. Well, got the new harness on and wouldnt you know it still no spark. That just my luck. If it wasnt for bad luck i would have no luck at all........lol....... But anyways, Still No Spark. I just dont get it and neither do a couple of my friends. So any suggestions anyone
  6. Well everyone i said to h*ll w/it up and ordered me a new wiring harness. I just got it in the mail yesterday and i think i going to get my quad running today. But i wont count my chickens before they hatch. I dont want to jenks myself............lol...................... One thing at a time no rushing do it and do it rite. Have a good day everyone at quadcrazy
  7. I never thought about the clutch sensor. But would that keep it from getting spark? Idk this stuff is all new to me
  8. Thanks for the input but ya i got a good battery in it.
  9. Well, hello to everyone at quad crazy....... I am back w/another question about my 350 raptor. So i changed the entire electrical system w/a good wiring harness and the the quad i got parts from ran not 20 min before i took parts off f it. So i get it back together and try to start it and still no fire. So i took the side case cover off again changed the stator and tried it it started... Yea!!!!!! Well, thats what i thought til i torqued the bolts on side case and tried it again and what??????????? No fire again...... So tell me what it could be cause i am lost and dont know what else to do? S
  10. Ok guys i got a question for ya ?????? What rearend interchanges with a timberwolf or bigbear.... Will a 2 wheel drive fit a 4 wheel drive

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