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  1. The toughest 3 wheeler I ever rode pending is a 1985 Honda 350x ATC. Bored to a 393, stroked to a 430, midrange cam, 13.5:1 pop up piston. The bike was so strong, it would not stay on the ground at 1/4ths throttle. A major mean machine.
  2. I am on three and only 3. Yeah 3wheeler.org is a great place to talk about trikes+toys. My ride is down right now but should be ready by next spring. Three wheelers!!! yaaaa.....
  3. I am also here to help in the invasion. Here is some pics of my 350x in franken-rebuild right now.
  4. The photobucket pic above worked for me. Here is a pic of where my toys sleep.

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