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3-wheeler vid.

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This guys a nut but i think that you guys ride on 3 with like him. Its classic when the rear fenders fall off.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moyEz2LfLd4]YouTube - crazy atv[/ame]

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Here are some pictures that I stole from a Friend of mine of us out at Glamis last yr....

It was Epic.....Also,,,,Im not in the Video much because it didnt take long for my Z to SPANK and Clip some Honda Wings.. Im on the Z with the Yellow Shirt on...Racing in a Big line and also racing a Turbo 500 Honda Trike....Enjoy..




Here is the Video

Glamis Trikefest 2006! ATC 250R 350x Tri-Z 3 wheeler

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Do you have any vids. of Kasey on his atc500r, or his sick atc70 you can share with the golf cart riders?

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Are you talking about these Trikes.....LOL!!!!

Kasey is on the 500 and his daughter is on the 70/125


At 20 min into the video you can watch Kasey Drag for about 2 min....I dont think I have any more other than this Video.....

I can tell you though....Ive Ridden with him Several Times and the Ol Man can Grab some Grip and let it Eat..!!!!! And that is a Fact!!

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Ya. I saw that pic on 3wheelers.org. Ok I'll watch the vid a little longer. It takes a real long time too load. I'll be patient.

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Yep that guy is a little touched as we say in the south. MWKE I couldn't see the pix because it wants you to sign in. The video was cool though.

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