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  1. Theres a riding park in Marysville for dirts, and the dredge fields, rocks and gravel. Stonyford further west, just south of that is Indian Valley Reservoir, then west of Clear Lake is Penny pines, and south, Knoxville, then Cow Camp further west still.Just past Green Horn is Washington CA, ride outa town. Then Snow Flower, Eagle Lakes, Fordyce Trail that makes the Rubicon look like your backyard, Cisco Grove. Moon Rocks just outside Reno, Sand Mountan past Fallon NV and just about anywhere out there. We're headed to Walker River Resort may 12th ~ 15th, 1000's of acres of BLM land, best riding there is in my mind.
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  3. Yes, fan runs just like it should. $1100 for the break in maintenance including the new radiator. I've heard they run hot but this is a little unsettling. Fan comes on and goes off. Some times stay's on for quite a while but I'm also riding in near or over 100 degree temps. My Honda get's warm but nothing compared to the Outy. Thought about rigging a fan in the air intake for the belt just to force more air through it but don't like modifying factory design's, and not really wanting to take the whole front end apart to figure out just how to do it with out chopping things up or putting a bunch of holes in the plastic as sooner or later things start breaking and they you have to start over.
  4. I really love my 800 XT Outlander but, it cooks my legs to the point it just takes the fun out of a ride at times. Had the radiator replaced at break in (800 miles), it had cracked. I'm not a screaming racer. More of putting sight see'er, do like the LET'S GO acceleration though Noticed it's not as bad in low range but I'm sucking fuel. In high range and cruzin at a good click it's not as bad but I start to hear a squeak when I stop, I assume is coming from the secondary or the belt. I've heard the heat normal but damn, really? Am I just a whimp or could there be something wrong. Smoked a new belt in the snow last winter but everything still works fine. Could I have glazed a spot on the belt that's causeing the squeak? Have I answered my own questions here?
  5. 07 420ES, 2 wheel drive, what ya need?
  6. My daughters little 87 TRX125 just shuts down, no apparent reason. I'm thinking maybe she's lugging it and it's over heating then shutting down and I mean nothing, it will crank but no fire. It starts again pretty soon, so far, and she's shifting more on the long pull's, it seems to not be doing it as much. But it's a 87, did they have safety's of some sort back then? and what kind.

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