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anywhere to ride in chico, california

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WAZZZUPPPP!!!!! Just down below you in the Maysville/Yuba City area.....

What kind of riding....do you track ride or just trail ride???

dont know about Chico....Im sure you guys have a spot or two to just ride,,,We have the same here....However we have two Tracks to ride as well....There is also Stonyford...

Mendocino National Forest - Off-Highway Vehicle Maps

There is Camping there as well....

Let me know what you are up for....That is all I know of the local Area....I Ride Sand....almost Exclusively....So I dont pay much attention to dirt...LOL

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Theres a riding park in Marysville for dirts, and the dredge fields, rocks and gravel. Stonyford further west, just south of that is Indian Valley Reservoir, then west of Clear Lake is Penny pines, and south, Knoxville, then Cow Camp further west still.Just past Green Horn is Washington CA, ride outa town. Then Snow Flower, Eagle Lakes, Fordyce Trail that makes the Rubicon look like your backyard, Cisco Grove. Moon Rocks just outside Reno, Sand Mountan past Fallon NV and just about anywhere out there.

We're headed to Walker River Resort may 12th ~ 15th, 1000's of acres of BLM land, best riding there is in my mind.

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