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  1. SOLVED: Actually feel silly for saying this. Turns out I just hadn't turned it over enough to build compression. Only 1 or 2 pulls of the pull start didn't cut it. Hooked up a car battery directly to the starter....cranked it hard for 10 seconds...and there you go. Just pulled started it for good measure too. First pull...fired right up.
  2. Ok, so I think I understand what you are saying, so let me give you an update. Pic below is my basic timing drawing. -IF its all lined up (timing correct) as it is...shouldn't the sensor/magnet on the flywheel match up exactly with the pickup coil for spark? Looks exactly that way in the manual. - I DO have spark. Have checked. My suspicion is: -the valves not sealing properly -not making enough rotations on the pull start alone to get it enough compression. I'm gonna have to find a way (hookup the wiring harness mess to the starter & battery) or do the ol powe
  3. @Dave Randolph Thanks for the response. Pics attached. The timing/cam is lined up as perfectly as I could get it. On the compression stroke. To be clear the ONLY time it "fired" was when I poured a bit of gas directly into the cylinder from the spark plug hole. Will not fire through carb. And when I say "fired" it made only a quick pop for a half second. Nothing actually started. Put on a new carb. Still nothing. Checked the compression. Ranged from 90-100psi. Very low, yes,. But as I understand it, the motor hasn't really even started, or moved more than a couple revolutions,
  4. Hey there all, First off thanks for the board. My Bayou 220 has survived 3 teenagers and is on its 4th now. Up until recently it has been a virtual tank....until I decided to fix it;) Noticed some smoking from the engine block (not exhaust) so figured it was time for a quick top end rebuild. Now that I have it all back together, it fails to start. I've pulled the starter rope until my arm is tired. So I will be as detailed as possible and hopefully get some help. Completed: -New Head gasket -New Valve seals -New piston (standard) -New rings (standard) -All new s
  5. did Kawasaki make the bayou 220 in 4x4? they did make a 300. The 220 is a perfect "small-big" size. Not a toy, but not the size of a ford ranger.

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