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  1. Hi all. I've had a 1994 350 Warrior for 15 years or so, love it but, I'm wanting it to be a 4x4. With my limited knowledge I've come up with maybe a 2005ish wolverine 450 4x4. I really need advise on what to look for though! I'm liking the prices on the early 2000s. The biggest concern is it fitting it my truck. I have a 2016 Colorado crew cab (5 foot bed). I'm not worried about length at all just width of the front wheels I think I guess... I think I heard that the Kodiak is the same as the Wolverine but it has a front locker??? I'm not overlooking other brands, I just searched around and came up with these. What do you guys think? What would you get for under about $5 grand, 4x4, that is relatively light weight and will fit in my pickup?
  2. Does this quad have a source coil? It is much like the pickup but a little bigger. On the 350 Warriors this is a very big problem. Engine oil heat kills these coils. The best way to get this coil is just buy the whole stator. Your showing voltage says the pickup is working. I'm starting to wonder if you are actually testing the source coil? Have you tried reversing the polarity just to see if it sparks? Does it have 2 coils there? Or just one? If it has two then one is the source and one is the pickup.
  3. On my warrior the rear spring is adjustable. I can't tell from the pick but maybe it's not adjusted up enough. Could be the old spring is bad too. Check adjustment first.
  4. Yes, remove the mix screw, pilot and go crazy, make sure with a wire all passages are completely clear. Check very close that the ones going into the throttle body are clear too. They are very very small. They will be inside the TB on the bottom, close to the slide or plate, usually like two or three little holes. You know? Are you positive the new pilot is the correct size?
  5. Oh yes, I've done this too. The smaller ones require this! Forgot about that one. Oh, also, if you look through the jet if the hole doesn't look round, it's not clean!
  6. Ok, I'm betting the spark is ok. Compression could be a problem sure. I would really concentrate on fuel though. Does the choke help at all? If so it almost has to be fuel, specifically carb. First make sure there are no vacuum leaks, like the flange to the intake. I'm going to guess the idle circuit is plugged. It gets it's fuel through the pilot jet. Remove the jet and use carb cleaner, compressed air, small wire, ect. to unplug the port from the pilot to the throttle body, mix screw to jet, mix screw to throttle body, you get the idea. This is so very common is almost has to be the problem. Sometimes you must use a small piece of wire to clean it, it will gunk up then crystalise so carb cleaner alone will not work. I have a set of welding torch tip cleaners for this stuff. Let us know how it goes.
  7. So, the only problem is it won't idle? Correct? Does it run good above idle?
  8. @cameron walton My Warrior manual says: Source coil 270-330 ohms at 70 deg. Pickup coil 171-209 ohms I would imagine yours would be very close to that. You just need to figure out the wiring. Both of those will go to the CDI box so 4 wires total, just try them and see if you can get about 200 ohms on two sets of wires. Or pull the cover.
  9. search around online, sometimes you can find one
  10. For spark...Check out the stator, lots of Yamahas have a coil on it to provide power to the CDI and coil. It's called the source coil. You can usually buy a whole stator pretty cheap on Amazon now for lots of quads. My Warrior 350 had this problem many times, the heat kills the coil. As for the idle problem, most likely the pilot jet is plugged. It's so small it gets plugged easy. It takes a very small wire to clean. Check it VERY close.
  11. I bet it's #6 on your diagram, a one-way clutch. They wear out/fall apart
  12. Is this why on my Warrior 350 the gun fits super tight? Is there really a metric zerk? If so is it a tiny bit larger than the SAE? Or is it jut the threads are different??
  13. Is it a 350? Probably the source coil on the stator.
  14. @T_bell40 I like to take the bolts out if the airbox so it will push back a bit, helps me get the carb out easier. Waste of time to try to clean without removing IMO
  15. 1994 Warrior 350 baby! And it's like new with a whole lot of miles.

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