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  1. Doeas any have the actual electrical diagram for the distirbution block for this atv > I had a few wire not worky worky so needed to replace ends plus dam thiing is dirty so needs to clean all the contacts .. Want to make shure I get eveything back in right place .... I have the repair manual but as we know it no help really ..... Brendan
  2. So time to purchase the new piston and rings for the 1995 Sportsman 400 . Looking for some input on this like what would be the best to buy .... thanks Brendan
  3. ya dont plan on cheap gaskets , want to out it back together once not take it apart again and again..lol Brendan
  4. Well cleaning it up a bit more and it almost gone and should be good to go with new piston and rings now to get them and the gaskets and put back together and run it First 2 stoke atv I ever rebuilt , I usually just stick to heavy diesel ..lol
  5. So honed out the cylinder and got most of it nice nice but left with this .. Might just have to have the things bored out now ..... some before and after..pics. 1995 Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4 have to have the things bored out now ..... some before and after..pics..
  6. ya dont think the oil pump was worky as the cable was froze when i got it .. Well time for rebuild ...
  7. ya its a 2 stroke , Well took it apart and the jug looks bit beat up and the piston is not so good looky .. all scratched and and ruff .. looks like it was run with bad mix.. well it did sit at a hunting camp for over 20 years in a garage not being used . sad thing , has less then 500 miles on it . time for a top end rebuild .
  8. What would be the compression on a 1995 Polaris sportsman 400 4x4 ?? Have one in great shape plastic is almost like new and the engine only has 90 psi which I figure is Capulet ... brendan

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