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1995 Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4 Honed Cylinder

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So honed out the cylinder and got most of it nice nice but left with this .. Might just have to have the things bored out now ..... some before and after..pics.

1995 Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4 






IMG_9395.thumb.JPG.05a467730c84b985aa3f4c3e993586bd.JPGIMG_9394.thumb.JPG.d07bba3b20372d56f56cc387c05e8a34.JPGIMG_9393.thumb.JPG.ff277a650a464b9859170bc06e73f341.JPGIMG_9392.thumb.JPG.cd00f4cdad458e4919bdda867fbafbfb.JPGhave to have the things bored out now ..... some before and after..pics..IMG_9391.thumb.JPG.c8aa82ce0f64df640662de0cae01e219.JPG










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If the rings are below that nick at TDC then it'll be fine. If the rings go over that though I'd bet it would ruin a ring. Looks awesome otherwise, good work. 

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Agreed, not bad at all. @MarkinAR smacks it right on the head every time!!! Its not as bad as it seems. If the rings aren't flying up that high then my guess is the rings will settle in fine and be good.  

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I have never had any luck with cylinders. I always end up with a scoring or nick right by the exhaust port or the rings break and gouge something. Mine always end up needing to be bored or replaced. I have bad luck though. I hope you are luckier than me. 🤞


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Well cleaning it up a bit more and it almost gone and should be good to go with new piston and rings now to get them and the gaskets and put back together and run it 

First 2 stoke atv I ever rebuilt , I usually just stick to heavy diesel ..lol

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@bren7176 Thats good news on the cylinder.  Make sure you get quality gaskets. It will come back to bite you in the ass of you dont.   

@Jennifer Schuler we all have our one item that we have bad luck with! Mine is usually pocking up atvs that always wind up needing a stator coil.   

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I bought a middle of the road gasket kit on the last rebuild and the head gasket blew and orings crushed. Buy OEM on partzilla, it's about $20 difference and you won't be pulling it apart again in 2 weeks. 

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ya dont plan on cheap gaskets , want to out it back together once not take it apart again and again..lol



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