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  1. HI, How do I get to my in box?
  2. Just pick this up today, every thing working and runs great. My question is the rear end. I checked the oil level and found none. What I did see looks like dried grease. How do I clean this and what do I put into the rear end, grease or oil? Can some one tell me where is the oil filter on my TRX300? Also looking for Service manual for my model.
  3. Hello, I have this Yamaha 350 big bear with a reverse light problem. I have trouble shoot down to the reverse relay. The problem is there are three relays laying loose, one blue, and two white relays. What color or a number stamped on the relay that has any thing to do with the reverse light?
  4. The beast runs. Check all relays, fuses,any thing that plugs into, checked the spark plug again. I thought I'd check the old spark plug that I removed. It had a better spark and much stronger. I pulled the new plug out, put the old one back in and it started without any problems. Ran the beast all day without any problems. If you have this type problem make sure the spark is strong. There are trails waiting for me.
  5. Installed carb kit and ran good for four hours. Hey this might be fun. Park for the night, came back early morning, the beast hasn't ran since. It has a spark, however I don't know if it's strong or weak. Removed the carb again cleaned everything. Same problem. New battery,turns over fine just will not start. Does anyone have a diagram for diagnosing starting problem or can tell where to start? Headlights and tail light works. Hope to ride some trails if I can trust this Bear.
  6. Installed carb kit, starts easy, and runs good, however the idle RPM is way to low to idle. The throttle stop screw is in all the way. Any one known how to adjust the idle RPM?
  7. I was looking at Bike Bandit for Carb rebuild kit, didn't fine one. You said your order one fro ebay, I can't find the rebuild kits for that year on ebay. No I did not look for that wire control on Bike Bandit.
  8. Looking for wire control 2 on the shifter assembly. Yamaha parts wants an arm and a leg for this item. Any one knows where I might find this item, even a used one would work.
  9. Hello, OK, I think I can find the oil filter, that did help, as the cable that is broken, it's the small one that has a look looks like it was attached with a loop on the brake foot. What does this cable do. Do I need to step on the brake before going into reverse? Another question is, searching for manuals to download I found two different ones. Can you tell me what is the difference of these two. One says 95 Yamaha Moto 4 350 4X4, the other say 95 Yamaha Bib Bear 350 4X4. On the back fenders the word Moto 4 appears and the side of the gas tank reads Big Bear 350. Which one did I get? I never been around the ATV, thought I start a winter project looks like I found one. Thanks for all your help.
  10. New ATV Rider, pick up a 95 Yamaha Big Bear 350 today and found the reverse cable was broken, can't find where it goes or how it works. Another question, where is the oil filter? The CV boots are torn, who makes the zipper type boots?

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