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  1. to the guys that helped me thanks alot. i took the carb. apart and all the jets and ports were rusted closed and the float was stuck. after cleaning it all out and making everything shinny new i finally got her up and running and was able to ride her but im getting a hesitation when slowly taken off and i get a backfire popping out of the muffler when letting off the throttle. im thinking it needs a new plug and more run time but any idea would help. thanks again for your guys help already
  2. thanks guys for the help im going to try and check the spark or fuel problem first then take the carb. off and clean in out and see what happens after that. i was thinking about the carb. getting gummed from sitting dont know why i didnt follow my gut and check it. two more questions will not having a ign. switch cause any issues with this? and will a bad battery or anything cause this problem as well? thanks for all the help, ill see what i can come up with and let u know, thanks again
  3. i just got this 2005 350 warrior on a trade for some work i did. the first problem is the ignition switch was taken out. but my biggest issue that i have is that it will start up and run for maybe a min. if i m lucky then it shuts right off no matter if u keep on the throttle or not, mow when it starts i can throttle it up and keep it going for maybe a min. more but it still dies and it wont start again till it cools off or it feels like it. everything is stock and it only has about an hour worth of run time, they guy i got it from it was his kids and he drove it a little and then put it in the shed and that was it, father got it and cut out the ignition switch to get it running and couldnt, so here i am, stuck and have no clue where to start. anyone who can help and point me in the right direction would be great.thanks:confused:

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