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  1. Black I have that manual thanks to you from another thread The things are simple til someone else messes with them and changes wiring colors then you have to fight with that
  2. Bandit it's a big red. Either a 110 or 185. Probably 185
  3. So I got the new/used stator for my buddy's bike and installed it. But the wiring is screwed so we don't know if it works. So now we are stuck. Also has no spark but that could be wiring also
  4. My 94 300ex completely stock. Only mod is a DG front bumper that I customized by hitting a tree. Behind the 300, 86 trx70 and a 85 atc70 Only thing I've really done to it is brakes, bearings and seat cover. Been a good bike so far
  5. Sounds like you had some money to burn at the time. It's cool that you saved them though Here's how my 2 sit as of right now Sucks that I can't really do much else to them right now. But it is what it is
  6. I kinda figured he was talking total resto. I do plan to ride it til the wheels fall off but it will get a complete resto before. No plans to powder coat anything. Just prep and paint everything, probably like my 300ex just red plastics and a silver frame, Factory style
  7. 3-4Gs in the 2?!?!?! My budget is like 1000 between the 2 if atleast one motor runs. Do you have any pictures of the 2?
  8. Thanks guys. I've really got my work cut out for me with this one. After long deliberation (bout a minute) I decided to go with the piranha 140cc. The piranha150cc would be nice but it doesn't appear to come with the wiring harness the 140 does. But that's to come once the TRX frame is done. May sell the motor unless I can convert the transmission to use in the ATC motor, TRX tranny is 3 up, ATC is 3 down. So if anyone know about that let me know. More updates to come
  9. So a few of my friends got the idea o find a few Honda 70s to fix and ride the hell out of. So Craigslist to the rescue! Found these 3 bikes. 86 TRX70 85 ATC70 8? ATC70 parts bike So the deal was 3 people 3 bikes. I took the TRX one friend took the 85 ATC other took the parts bike. The next day my friend decided to sell the parts bike to me (but took the front tire) So here where I stand so far The 6 wheel 4x4 70 monster!!! But anyway that's just a joke Pulled the motor chain and rear grab bar Front brakes removed Rear brake cable moved to where front brake was to add a clutch cable one day Front bumper removed So that's where I am right now. Won a fuel tank off eBay last night so once that's here ill be happy. Out bid on a seat today so that's a huge bummer. Unsure of motor right now. I was told the original one has low compression so I don't know of a rebuild or a piranha 150cc swap is the right way to go. But I'll keep everyone posted on that. sometime this week ordering a pullstart cage in hopes to see if it runs as is. Front fenders will be the absolute last thing I buy because they are around 220 new or 400 for front and back off eBay. As for the 70 with the white seat,my friend ordered a new/used stator last night. So let's hope for the best there. I'll try to keep everyone up to date on that project as well right up until the paint and rebuild part because or a little friendly comp we will be doing between the 3 of us that are building bikes. So questions/ comments/ advise welcome. If anyone needs ATC70 parts message me and maybe I can hook you up. Thanks for reading Blue504life
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome. That ATC manual is going to help more then anyone can imagine
  11. New to the forum been riding for as long as I can remember, currently riding a 94 300ex that has never seen a slow ride in its life. Recently picked up a 85 Honda ATC70 and a 86 Honda TRX70 that both need a total restore. Hope someone here can help with any future questions and problems I may have with the 2. Currently no questions on either bike but there will be soon enough Thanks for looking and I hope to learn quite a bit while here Blue504life

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