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  2. My earlier post about creeping forward/reverse when tranny engaged and shifter sticking in reverse and forward has been repaired. I removed the primary clutch and took it to a polaris dealer in kingston on.. It turns out that the brass shims on either side of the ebs bearing are designed to wear out so as not to cause further damage. Mechanic replaced the two shims and also replaced the three weights , as they too were starting to wear into the spiders. Cost was approx. 130.00cad. The belt was riding on the clutch sheave on one side causing the secondary clutch to become engaged. This was affecting the shifting lock-up as well. I also put a belt on the 500 cc that is designed for the 700 cc series. The mech. said it would give better performance and durability. Bike is back to working like a charm
  3. i have a 04 sportsman. The bike creeps forward when at an idle when in forward and the same when in reverse. Also the shifter gets stuck in gear unless i shut the bike off and then put in gear.It usually gets stuck in reverse. If i tap the linkage at the gear box it will go back into nuetral and then i can shift to forward. The bike is reving 1200- 1250rpm at an idle. Any advise?

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