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  1. found on the left (drivers side kinda) a manufactured by sticker that said something like klm400e or some weird letters so pretty sure now it a 400... which is great! now for some tires but gotta see i can fit with a small 2in left/level....
  2. you know where its located on this thing? stamped in the frame somewhere im sure but on the front like most?
  3. Ive got 3... ive owned 19 XJ's 4 MJ's 1 ZJ and 1 WK2 in my life... all those within the last two years except for the ZJ... I just got the WK2 in Dec... its a Overland edition... all the goodies but didnt get 4x4... didnt ever see going offroad in a $50k vehicle when i got a rock crawler and a 4x4 DD... lol... 96 Cherokees on 2006 F250 axles... 5.38 gears... saving for full hydro steering... caged... 4.5in lift with SYE... 40in gumbo mudders... H1 two piece steel wheels recentered to 8x170 and rock rings... my 90 comanche i blew the rear main seal in last month so i have the motor out and did a head gasket and every other little gasket while its out... pressure washed and painted... new clutch, floor pan, oil pan... all kinds of stuff... painted the engine bay and pull the harness that im going to go through and recover everything and fix anything wrong... also sealing it all up water right... doing a external slave bellhousing swap on it as well... tons of time and money... oh and a 97+ cherokee front end conversion... its just my DD and im restoring it like new basically... itll get painted probly next year... ill try and get some pics up... i moderate over at cherokeeforum.com as huntingman2706217 so if anyone else drives cherokees we got a lot of info and tips!
  4. Im trying to confirm exactly what in the world i have.... i bought it just before deer season for pretty cheap... he says its a 94 bayou 300... however all i know is its a bayou... i cant find anything anywhere on it to help me out... ive read they had 400's in this year as well but i dont know how to tell... i used to have a built 450r and this is nowhere near as quick and strong but i feel like it is more then a 300... is there any way to confirm? will pics help? is there a way to tell by plastic design or headlights or something? Its a all time 4x4 liquid cooled setup... racks front and rear... hitch... fender flare kinda setup all the way around... grey plastic... automatic clutch or whatever... NO pull start... other question is some of the fender flare setup has started to crack and bust off the back (the fronts more rubber so i think its fine)... but i noticed they kept ALL mud off me until i broke a couple parts so i want them back... anyone know where i can get a set NEW? Thanks!

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